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Taking a Break with Emery

Since we sat down with Matt Carter (guitar, vocals) and Josh Head (keyboards, vocals) of Emery at last year’s Purple Door Arts and Music Festival, the band has been busy.  Between touring and releasing an EP last fall, with a follow up full-length disc which hit the streets in June of this year, we wonder how they find time to spend with their families


The Weak's End (2004)

It's probably safe to say that more than a few budding musicians secretly hold the notion that the life of the average rock and roll artist is nothing but first-class travel, legions of adoring fans and an instant and endless flow of income. Of course, those most familiar with the music business can tell you that, for every band that hits the big time, there are probably ten more groups whose day-to-day experience revolves around fast food, substandard lodging and playing to near-empty houses.