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Catching up with Seabird

Perhaps you have heard of the four-piece piano-based band Seabird, hailing from Cincinnati.  Then again, the recognizable sounds of Seabird have received support from major networks ABC, CBS and MTV U where the band's music has been used in promotion for "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC), "Pushing Daisies" (ABC), "Numb3rs" (CBS) and more.  We recently sat down with brothers Aaron (

How the Purple Door Arts and Music Festival survived 15 Years

Considered one of the premiere music events in the Northeast US, the Purple Door Arts and Music Festival is getting ready to celebrate its 15th anniversary on August 13th and 14th.  But these days when new large outdoor concerts come and go, what does it take to keep such a festival going each year?  We spoke with Chris Strayer, Fes

Interview with Owen Thomas of The Elms

Earlier this week, I had a phone conversation with Owen Thomas, the lead singer and primary songwriter for The Elms.  The Elms started in the year 2000 on Sparrow Records and have released four full-length, studio albums over the years as well as a couple EPs and downloadable tracks.  Their last album, The Great American Midrange, released in S

Taking a Break with Emery

Since we sat down with Matt Carter (guitar, vocals) and Josh Head (keyboards, vocals) of Emery at last year’s Purple Door Arts and Music Festival, the band has been busy.  Between touring and releasing an EP last fall, with a follow up full-length disc which hit the streets in June of this year, we wonder how they find time to spend with their families

Before Their Eyes

Some of the best interviews I’ve had the opportunity to conduct were completely on the spot and unplanned. This doesn’t happen often, due to the busy schedule of most bands; but I had the pleasure of happening upon one quite recently.

Unraveling The Silver Cord

Approximately six years ago, The Classic Crime was born. This alternative rock band provides a little bit of musical brilliance for everyone. With a mixture of powerful vocals, great instrumental compositions and thought-provoking lyrics, this West Coast act is gaining national ground.

Welcome to the World of Texas In July

I can only imagine that a visit to Texas in the month of July would be rather hot. Coincidentally, the same could be said about the career of five teenagers from Ephrata, Pennsylvania. It’s every band’s dream: get some friends together while in high school, make some awesome music, land a record deal within two years, begin touring, and have a downright awesome time.

The Washingtom Projects go beyond the Resistance

The Washington Projects may be new to some, but siblings Jekob Washington and Rachael Washington are not new to the music scene.  In fact, they are two of the three original members of The Souljahz.  "The Washington Projects is all about spreading love, hope, peace, joy, happiness through music, hip-hop, R&B, a blend of folk, soul, bluegrass, an

All is right with mewithoutYou

Never before have I seen such a peculiar band. Not in a bad way; rather, in an innovative and just plain different kind of way. With brilliantly-formed lyrics, experimental music, and singing/shouting vocals, they definitely set themselves apart. The first time I saw mewithoutYou perform was when they headlined Purple Door Festival in 2007.

Jimmy Needham: The Music of Forgiveness and Love

He is from Houston, Texas. He planned to become a history teacher. He greatly respects and admires Derek Webb as both a songwriter and role model. He was raised as a Greek Orthodox.  At age 9, he became addicted to pornography - a compulsion that haunted him well into his college years. Oh, and did I mention that he never intended to enter the music business?

Red is not silent - a few moments with Michael Barnes

We first met Red at GMA week in 2006 as part of a New Artist Feature.  Two years later, the quintet from Nashville is still touring on their debut release, End of Silence.  We had the privilege of meeting up with Michael Barnes, lead vocalist, during his few short hours in his hometown during a tour with 3 Doors Down.  It was a spontaneous interview, yet packed w