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Starlight Wishlist - Glisten (1999)

Direct lyrics and an inescapably tough sound attack pride and mediocrity with Glisten's forceful integrity in both focus and feeling. "Untainted," with it's distorted, yet recognizable progression, sets a frenetic pace for of faithful commitment for Starlight Wishlist, an at least unique album concept. Gentle electric characterizes "Abandon All," an outline of moving past the first step of surrender, while "Choose Me" cries with a grating metal earthiness in it's appeal to Jesus for wisdom on relating to the world. By now, you've noticed Glisten is certainly on the extreme side of the Direct/Vague scale of songwriting; with a Scripture basis for every cut, Glisten proves an obvious message can still have depth and imagination. And their sound is equally as upfront, with more guitar than you'd hear in a Clapton/Hendrix jam session (maybe), engraving their melodies in your mind with the energy and heat of their axes. Track eight explores the paradox of God being by my side, yet a world apart, the distance being an "Endless Inch." Declaring need with an edge of strength other bands couldn't conceive, Glisten craves for God like "Honey," with the line "Without Christ I'm burning out ~ Without Your Spirit, I'm screaming out," summarizing their passion. Whether it's Steve Hindalong's guiding hand as producer, or the fact they're clearly new at this, Jason Pettit and band's songs go on the offensive against the culture of perversity...and the Christian subculture with it's comfortable faith. Starlight Wishlist's last twelve minutes journey into the depths of the soul in struggling with the age-old threat of battling my own flesh; "Waiting in Latham" laments the blindness we have concerning our own problems, and the shrieking instrumental "The Last Blueshift" haunts the listener with a pointed question offered in the CD's casing: "What path will I follow on this brief visit to earth?" Not bound to any style in either lyrics or music, the unshackled rock of Glisten carries a weighty message of desire and hope.