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Stanley Climbfall - Lifehouse (2002)

Are you giving up already? Nobody ever accomplished anything with that kind of attitude. Life deals everyone their fair share of trials and tribulations, joys and accomplishments, victories and defeats. What matters is how you handle each of the bad hands. After all, life has a meaning, contrary to what others tell you. This isn't some game we play for the amusement of a corrupt deity. Our existence is not pathetic. This is a growing process. This is real.

Let me give you some encouragement. I once met a man by the name of Stanley Climbfall. Odd as it may sound, he was the unluckiest rotund individual I ever did have the privilege of knowing, but downtrodden as he was, Stanley Climbfall knew about life's growing process, and this is how he relayed it to me.

Stand. The beginning of your journey lies in discovering that you don't like where you are. Look around you and see the world, bitter and broken. You'll begin to think, "Surely there must be something better." This is how you let go of your old life ["The Beginning"]. Venturing into unknown territory will be uncomfortable at first, but don't hesitate. You want God with you on this journey, so no matter how tired you are, climb up above your precious time and take hold of His hand ["My Precious"]. Once you do that, you'll be able to see things no one else can. Because of Christ's death on the cross, you are liberated from your chains of sin. Don't be afraid; you have a friend for eternity, and He'll never leave ["Sky Is Falling"]. When you are ready, stand up.

Climb. One hand, one foot at a time, scale the seemingly insurmountable obstacle in front of you. It's only one of many, but for now, seize the day. Thoughts of your old life will come to mind, and as climbing becomes more difficult you'll inevitably get tired and start to wish you had never stood up in the first place. Keep in mind your eternal reward with Christ and you can overcome anything ["Out of Breath"]. Pray to him and He'll wash over you like sunshine, rejuvenating you for the rocky cliffs ahead ["Wash"]. Before you know it, you'll be at the top, but before you come back down take a moment to reflect on your triumph. Can you feel the cool wind brushing your face and teasing your hair? Suddenly you've lost everything and found the meaning of your life at the same time ["Spin"].

Fall. Your time at the pinnacle is not forever. Sadly, you will find yourself becoming overconfident, slipping, and plummeting headfirst back down. It's human nature; we're destined to fall because of how we're influenced by things of this world: fame, fortune, popularity...but the only way we can ever be truly happy is in Christ Jesus ["Just Another Name"]. In your fear of hitting bottom, simply reach out your hand to God, and he'll save you ["Anchor"] and place you firmly on solid ground. Disappointment will set in, and you'll wonder how you ever let yourself wind up back where you started. Don't let the defeat get to you; learn from the loss and use it to better yourself. Then try again. If you remain sitting down, your old way of life will likely creep back into your system. You've already seen everything and know that the world has nothing to offer. You need God. Pray that He'll take your life and make it useful ["Take Me Away"].

Repeat as necessary. This is life's growing process: God's method of refining us and making us new creations. As long as we ask God to bless us with wisdom, we learn something more from every slip, misstep, or careless lurch. Take this to heart, and remember it in your troubled times. If you should need further encouragement, I'd suggest trying to find Stanley Climbfall for yourself and listening to what he has to say. He may seem nothing more than a loud, hokey individual, but his words are some of the wisest to ever enter these ears of mine.