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Project 86


...And the Rest Will Follow (2005)

Given the varied nature of the band's back catalog, it is hardly surprising that debate currently runs rampant over which Project 86 record constitutes the Orange County foursome's defining work. The self-titled debut and sophomore outing, Drawing Black Lines, were of a piece with the energetic, rap-metal workouts of artists like P.O.D. and Rage Against the Machine.

Truthless Heroes (2002)

Dark. Brooding. Hopeless. The all too tragic story that is perpetually penned by so many people: the story of their life. The quill is the body. The ink is the despair, deception, and disease that freely flows among the members of our society today. Buffeted on all sides by what dominating culture deems necessary (drugs, sex appeal, power, money, and fame), individuals barely stand a chance to make it out of this life in one piece. This sad tale is boldly presented by the guys from Project 86 in the form of Truthless Heroes.