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Mars Ill Interview

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This is our first-ever podcast. This is an interview with Mars ILL, possibly one of the hardest-working groups in the underground hip-hop community. We sat down with them earlier this year at GMA to talk about their may release, Pro*Pain.

For a transcript of the interview, visit the feature article at

The songs featured were as follows:

  • "Pirate Radio" from Pirate Radio
  • "Backwater" from Sound Methods 2.0
  • "Mourning In The Morning" from Pirate Radio
  • "You Can't Stop" from Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio and Sound Methods 2.0 are available exclusively at and at shows. Also stop by to get vinyl, T-shirts, a DVD, other side projects and more. Pick up Pro*Pain from their official site or wherever fine CDs are sold.

The podcast was produced, recorded, and hosted by Dan Ficker. A special thanks to Kim Flanders who organized and hosted the interview.