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Most Spun 2006

This has been a year of frustrations and new beginnings for us here at inReview. The frustration stems from the fact that we know iR simply isn't the site that it could be -- from a content standpoint, anyway. If you've been among the faithful who check in on us regularly, you know we continue to bring you high-quality stuff, but at a much more infrequent clip than we'd like. Blame it on a bunch of factors -- the main one being our obligations in the "real world" -- and know that we're working to correct it.

The "new beginnings" component of 2006 will be obvious to those who know us from our days. We moved to a new corner of the web and launched a completely new site, then entered the podcast age over the summer. At GMA week we even managed to make friends with Robin Parrish of, something I (Ben) thought would never happen. It has been a year of blazing new trails but attempting to stay true to our roots -- a banal little phrase that has been a sort of mission statement for us over the past 12 months.

With the year almost gone, we humbly submit Most Spun 2006, the latest installment in an annual year-end feature we've been running for a while now. It's a dusty old chestnut that has served us well in the past, but pimped out into something much bigger and better than anything we've given you before.

As usual, the task was simple: we asked a group of artists, journalists, PR folks and other industry insiders to give us a list of the albums they listened to most over the course of the year. Then we asked them for a few words to address that all-important question: WHY?

These are folks whose lives revolve around music, so we wanted to know what has been revolving in their CD players (or blaring through their iPods).

God willing, we'll be giving you one instalment a day for the next few weeks. Please check back regularly and know that we dearly appreciate it.

The Most Spun of 2006 According To: