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Most Spun 2006: Justin Cox

Submitted by Justin Cox of Fireflight (current album: The Healing of Harms - Flicker Records)

1. Acceptance - Phantoms

Just a solid rock record. This CD has great melodies, and I always love the melodies he picks out to sing.


2. Skillet - Comatose

Who would think an artist could put this record out this late in their career? Skillet still brings huge guitars, but adds more orchestral arrangements to this and touches on some subjects that are very relevant to today's culture and seeks hope in the form of God.

3. The Classic Crime - Albatross

This is an amazing new band/record from Tooth and Nail. They have great music, great melodies and a sweet variety of tunes without losing the cohesiveness.

4. Underoath - Define the Great Line

So who else would have the guts to put out a sweet record, sell tons, and then go as heavy as Underoath did on this one. I love every track on this record, and I'm glad the guys approached it the way they did. Heavy, heavy, heavy guitars and screaming that ranges from growls, to yelling, to outright screaming.

5. Gasoline Heart - You Know Who You Are

These guys are from Orlando too, and they are bringing back good ol' fashioned rock. Think Tom Petty style, but newer. Probably one of the most unknown bands to come out this year, but probably the most emotional record of the year.

6. Keane - Hopes and Fears

I love these guys. They're from England, I think, and are pretty much piano-driven. This is their first record but I kinda just discovered it this year. I've had it for a while, but just really listened to it. Great songs, sad, happy, normal...take your pick.

7. Thrice - Vheissu

These guys have been making hardcore records for a while, but they went to more of a rock with hints of hardcore on this one, and it works brilliantly. They really bring a refreshing sound on this record, and I think hard rock fans will love it.

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