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Red is not silent - a few moments with Michael Barnes

We first met Red at GMA week in 2006 as part of a New Artist Feature.  Two years later, the quintet from Nashville is still touring on their debut release, End of Silence.  We had the privilege of meeting up with Michael Barnes, lead vocalist, during his few short hours in his hometown during a tour with 3 Doors Down.  It was a spontaneous intervie

New Artist Feature - Part 1 - Red

We were a bit shocked when we heard that Essential Records, home of Third Day and Jars of Clay, had signed a hard rock band. Intrigued by the musical comparisons to Linkin Park, Chevelle, and Muse, we decided to include Red as Part 1 of our New Artist Feature. We asked the same questions of two new bands. Come back to InReview to see what other band we sat down with and how they responded.


End of Silence (2006)

If ever there is a literal hall of fame and museum for Christian rock bands similar to the Cleveland structure that recognizes Hendrix and Zeppelin, at least two Essential Records artists are a lock to be inducted.