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Tension (2007)

Reinvention can be a tricky thing. Just ask any of the seemingly countless artists who have recorded albums that went contrary to their established musical style only to find those albums consigned to the cutout bins and used CD stores before the supporting tour was half finished.

On A Search In America (2005)

While almost all aspiring rock musicians have undoubtedly had to face their fair share of obstacles on their way to fame, Zach Zegan's biggest hurdle may well have been his own mom, who informed the singer that he couldn't start a band unless his kid brother, Josh, came along for the ride. With the younger Zegan duly in tow, Zach (a mere 14 years old at the time) enlisted drummer Clayton Hunt, bassist Nick Aranda and guitarist Daniel Shaff to round out the Dizmas quintet in the summer of 1998.